Hi There

Everyone has heard of Marmite and it’s unique taste. They say you either love it or hate it, personally, I’m not a fan but apparently I’m one of the few in Prezzybox HQ who doesn’t love the stuff!

But even someone like me who doesn’t like marmite can appreciate the iconic image of the Marmite jar, it’s about as recognisable as the infamous Campbell’s Soup cans that Andy Warhol painted. Now you can bring a little piece of British imagery into your home with the Oversize Marmite Money Jar. It looks brilliant on a shelf and is a great talking point. It also stores loads of cash, £200 in 5p pieces to be exact (don’t worry, you can put other coins in there too!)

The next one is probably best suited for those who love Marmite (although I applaud those of you who wish to be ironic!). the Marmite sandwich box is just the right size to stash your sarnie and keep it safe from Marmite thieves!

So now you can enjoy your marmite sarnies with pride while you save up to buy more Marmite! Or, if you’re a hater, you can place an item of iconic British Imagery in your home and provide a little bit of lunchtime confusion at school or work when you whip your jam sarnie out of the Marmite box!

Whether you Love it or Hate it, you’re going to love these!

Bee tasty

Brian x